Convention Safety

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100% safety at any gathering is never guaranteed, but thorough SA and CSA prevention policies can help deter potential predators. For convention-ground-owners, thorough policies can show due-diligence in case something happens on your property.

These questions can help you decide how safe you feel attending or hosting a convention.
“Take heed therefore unto yourselves, and to all the flock. For I know this, that after my departing shall grievous wolves enter in among you, not sparing the flock.”

Acts 20:28-29

SA and CSA Prevention Policies

What protocols are in place to prevent all people known to have SA or CSA allegations against them from attending conventions and preps?
  • Are all visitors checked against a current list of people known to have SA or CSA allegations against them?
  • If someone with allegations of SA or CSA attempts to access the convention grounds, will they immediately be removed and reported to the authorities?
  • Are visitors required to check in before being allowed on the premises?
  • Who can we report to if we’re aware of an alleged perpetrator who is at convention?
  • What actions will you take if we report that an alleged perpetrator is at convention?
Is there a safety monitor team responsible for security and safety?
  • Are all unused buildings and areas securely locked?
  • Are members of the safety monitor team required to pass a background and receive training in child safety?
  • Will members of the safety monitor team be easily identifiable (e.g., wearing name tags, vests, lanyards, etc.)?
  • What protocols are in place to ensure that only the safety monitor team members can access the selected identification methods?
  • Where can visitors find information about members of the safety monitor team?
What safety measures are in place regarding campers, tents, and other structures that the safety monitor team cannot adequately supervise?
  • If campers and tents are not banned, what protocols are in place to ensure these areas are safe and inaccessible to anyone outside the family that brought them?
What advice is given to caregiver(s) about monitoring their children?
  • What accommodations are made for caregivers staying at the convention grounds with their children of the opposite gender?
  • If there are areas where caregivers are encouraged to leave their children (EG: playgrounds), are these areas monitored by trained childcare workers?
Are safety policies and relevant contact information widely available to Friends so that we know how to respond if something happens?
  • Are they posted in common areas, including in bathrooms and dorms?
  • Are they provided to Friends before they enter the convention grounds?
  • Are they regularly addressed from the platform? For example, before the Wednesday and Friday night meetings and all weekend meetings.


What policies are in place for handling emergencies?
  • What happens if a child goes missing?
  • What happens when someone has a medical crisis?
  • What happens if someone experiences SA or CSA at convention?
  • What happens if a convicted or alleged abuser attempts to attend convention?
  • What happens if someone reports past SA or CSA perpetrated by someone attending convention?