Does the Fellowship Provide a Welcoming and Safe Environment for Victim-Survivors?

“Take heed therefore unto yourselves, and to all the flock. For I know this, that after my departing shall grievous wolves enter in among you, not sparing the flock.”

Acts 20:28-29

Are victim-survivors treated with dignity, respect, and kindness?

Does the fellowship publicly support victim-survivors of SA and CSA?

Are workers instructed to avoid minimizing and victim-blaming (eg: “Many of the accused are more righteous than the accusers”), especially from the platform?

What steps are taken to provide ongoing spiritual nourishment, support, and fellowship to victim-survivors who no longer attend meetings due to their abuse?

Are Workers and Friends encouraged to visit victim-survivors, regardless of whether they continue to attend meetings?

How does our Fellowship provide ongoing support for the mental health and medical needs of victim-survivors who are suffering from the life-long and life-altering trauma as a result of SA or CSA within our fellowship?
  • Are there on-site mental health services and/or secure and private sleeping quarters for victim-survivors at convention?
  • When someone experiences SA or CSA, are they provided with adequate and professional support, including:
    • Counseling from a licensed mental health professional
    • Other healthcare services, if necessary
    • Living accommodations, if necessary
What guidance are Friends and Workers given about what to do if we or someone we know experiences SA or CSA?
  • Are we encouraged to report SA and CSA to authorities?
  • Are we encouraged to seek professional counseling?
  • Is this guidance given from the platform?
  • Is this guidance universal and widely accepted by our fellowship?

Due Diligence in Preventing SA and CSA

Are Workers trained in preventing SA and CSA, including identifying risks and warning signs?
What financial procedures are in place so we can be reasonably confident that our contributions to the fellowship are not funding further abuse?
Are there robust safety protocols for conventions, special meetings, preps, and any other gatherings hosted or endorsed by our Fellowship?