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Education is a powerful tool: if you’re here, it means you’ve already taken the first step in the fight against SA and CSA. Whether you’re trying to understand your own experience, help a loved one, or create a safer community, arming yourself with information will empower you as you move forward.

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SA and CSA are terms that refer to two different types of criminal sexual acts. Understanding what SA and CSA are, how the Bible and the law require us to respond to SA and CSA, and how and when it occurs in the Truth is an important step in creating a safer community.

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100% safety at any gathering is never guaranteed, but thorough SA and CSA prevention policies can help deter potential predators. For convention-ground-owners, thorough policies can show due-diligence in case something happens on your property.

These questions can help you decide how safe you feel attending or hosting a convention.

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You get to choose the paths to healing that are right for you.

The process of recovering from SA or CSA differs for everyone, and there’s no one correct answer. Understanding your options can help you choose what’s best for you.

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You deserve a safe community for yourself and your loved ones.

A community can only be as safe as its members: learn how to support victim-survivors, what choices you have when you feel unsafe, and what part you can play in keeping your community safe.

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