Who we are

Voices for the Truth is a collaborative and consensus-driven organization whose sole purpose is to offer support for victim-survivors and others affected by SA or CSA within the Truth and to prevent further SA and CSA. We are composed entirely of volunteers, including victim survivors, who contribute our time and resources in different capacities for a common cause. We coordinate with the Friends, Workers, former members, and qualified professionals to connect people with the resources they need.

Our Victim-Survivor Advisory Board

Selkie Hope grew up going to meetings in Oklahoma (United States). They moved to the Clever convention grounds in Missouri as a teenager. During their childhood, they experienced sexual abuse by one of the Friends. Selkie joined Voices for the Truth to lift the voices of other victim-survivors like themself and to provide resources to protect other vulnerable people from experiencing the pain they did. They no longer attend meetings but love and cherish many people who do.

Content Warning: Child Sexual Abuse

Jeanie was born in California (United States) and lived most of her life in Oregon. She is a former worker who was raised in the Truth. She is a survivor of sexual assault at the hands of her professing relative. She has been empowered to speak her silence and share her story and triumph over abuse in an effort to support others in their healing.

Content Warning: Child Sexual Abuse, Suicidal Ideation

Join our Victim-Survivor Advisory Board

As a new organization, we’re working to define our vision and goals in collaboration with victim-survivors. If you are a victim-survivor and would like to advise us as we work toward creating a safer and more supportive community, please submit this form.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you trying to hurt the Truth or discourage people from attending meetings?

No. Our only goal is to support victim-survivors and prevent further abuse. We are doing so in coordination with Friends and Workers, but our resources are available to anyone, regardless of their beliefs or association with the Truth. We respect that spiritual choices are based on personal convictions, and we do not try to influence anyone’s belief.

Why are you focused on the Truth? This kind of thing happens everywhere.

Sexual assault (SA) and child sexual abuse (CSA) can happen in any community, and it’s important to address it everywhere it occurs. The Friends and Workers are a community unlike any other, though. By focusing specifically on the Truth, we hope to address the SA and CSA in a more direct and effective way that creates a safer community for all.

What’s the point of your updates? Aren’t you just spreading gossip?

We understand some matters are private, and there are many messages we have chosen not to post on this site as a result. However, information about SA and CSA is a powerful antidote to the secrecy that has allowed it to thrive. By being open and transparent, we hope to bring more people into the conversation and give them the information they need to keep themselves, their families, and their meetings safe.

This happened because of a few bad people. Why make a big deal about it?

    Abusers are responsible for their own actions, but the entire community is responsible for the reaction to the abuse. Unless there is a culture where victim-survivors feel safe and supported in reporting their abuse, where abusers are held accountable, and where bystanders are aware and educated enough to intervene, SA and CSA will continue to occur frequently.